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Antaviana VFX & Postproduction: Innovation and commitment at DocsBarcelona 2024

This year, Antaviana VFX & Postproduction has reaffirmed its commitment to documentary cinema by actively participating in DocsBarcelona 202

Antaviana VFX amb el DocsBarcelona 2024

Bernat Aragonès, Editor and Head of Postproduction at Antaviana VFX, participated in the panel discussion “AI: Nobody Cares About The Truth.” This debate addressed the influence of artificial intelligence in the audiovisual sector, featuring experts such as Anna Giralt Gris, Frederic Guerrero-Solé, Piotr Winiewicz, and Pere Pérez. They analyzed AI from two different perspectives: creatively, highlighting AI as a support tool for creativity, and in process automation, facilitating many tasks, especially in postproduction.

Additionally, Juan Gabriel García, an editor at Antaviana, shared his experience in a conversation with Estephan Wagner, a renowned Chilean/Danish editor and director. During this session, they discussed the importance of being involved in the editing process from the beginning of the creative process and the significance of teamwork during postproduction. Juan Gabriel emphasized the privilege of working at a postproduction house like Antaviana, where colleagues act as a professional safety net. They also addressed the use of music and other narrative resources in documentaries, highlighting how these elements, while potentially intrusive, are accepted and appreciated by the audience.

Our support for DocsBarcelona was once again demonstrated through the sponsorship of key awards. The Jury Award for the competitive section Docs&Pearls was awarded to “Hágase tu Voluntad” by Adrián Silvestre, and the Best Pitch award at the DocsBarcelona Public Pitch went to “Untamed Light” by Luis Sampieri.

This edition of DocsBarcelona also featured the screening of several documentaries post-produced by Antaviana. “My Sextortion Diary,” directed by Patricia Franquesa, tells the story of a young producer’s struggle against sextortion following the theft of her laptop. This documentary won the Antaviana Public Pitch award at the 2021 edition of DocsBarcelona.

Another highlighted documentary was “Science Fiction,” directed by Francisco Forbes and Ferran Romeu, which follows Laurence Burton’s dream of building an aircraft powered by renewable energy. This documentary also won the Antaviana Public Pitch award at the 2020 edition of DocsBarcelona.

Additionally, “La Fugida” was screened, a production exploring the abuses committed by Jesuits in Barcelona schools and the transfer of the abusers to Bolivia. This is a co-production of 3Cat with Prensa Ibérica and Ottokar, based on an eight-year investigation by “El Periódico” journalist Guillem Sánchez into abuses in religious schools.

“Respira, Mama,” by Meri Collazos Solà, produced by Alba Sotorra, addresses a mother’s fight for clean air for her daughter with a genetic illness. This is another documentary post-produced by Antaviana and was screened on May 9 at Renoir Cinemas.

Our collaboration with DocsBarcelona is a testament to our commitment to supporting new talents and promoting innovative narratives. We are proud to be part of this journey and to continue fostering documentary cinema.