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Visual Effects (VFX) opens the door to imagination. With them we give life to incredible characters, we are transported to cities lost in time, we witness heroic storms, we travel through space…

But if visual effects have become an integral part of audiovisual language it is because we also use them invisibly in many other situations: a gray and polluted sky becomes that of a spring day with a storm in the distance, a figuration Well dressed but sparse suddenly full of life and color the busy streets of a city, a door, window, or balcony rolled on a bumpy plateau open to a vibrant plaza of light and people.

We always say that everything is possible with visual effects, but only if we plan properly and work with the best team will we be able to make this original vision.


pre-production & concept art

More than thinking about the visual effects, it is about thinking from the visual effects in the initial phases of the project. In this way, without the pressure of filming and deadlines, pre-production becomes one of the most creative stages of the entire visual effects process. It is time to create sketches and concept art, to visit locations, create characters and integrate the knowledge of the art and photography departments with that of visual effects, modeling 3D elements or building models, creating matte painting scenarios, elaborate storyboards pre visualizations technical, animatics and that constitute the aesthetic and methodological guide of all the subsequent work. And if we think about virtual production, then even more, since the pre-production of the shoot is the creation phase of the 3D assets. At Antaviana VFX & Postproduction we know that pre-production work is essential for the successful completion of visual effects and we provide all the knowledge and experience of a consolidated team in projects of great artistic and technical complexity.

on set supervision

Good preparation allows you to attend the filming with positive reaction and adaptation skills both to the changes resulting from creative inspiration, and to the unforeseen events that always await us around the corner. During the filming we will determine the work of the following months and we know that it is convenient to make the most of the circumstances that arise. For this reason we go to the set with all the necessary tools, whether they are preview systems, virtual production techniques, photogrammetry, lidar and, above all, the confidence that experience gives and the fact of having successfully solved many similar situations.


VFX supervision

El talento, la experiencia, el conocimiento y la capacidad de obtener el mejor rendimiento de equipos multidisciplinarios son las características que hacen efectiva una buena supervisión de proyectos de efectos visuales. En Antaviana hemos creado un equipo muy cohesionado y experimentado que integra especialidades muy diferentes: desde las más artísticas, como el matte painting y la composición, hasta las más exigentes técnicamente como la generación de elementos 3D en todas sus vertientes (modelado, texturizado e iluminación, animación), o las simulaciones de entornos físicos a partir de sistemas procedurales. Un pipeline robusto dimensionado para el trabajo a 4K, basado en arquitectura de color ACES y softwares como Nuke, Maya, Houdini y Mistika y una granja de render propia, nos da la flexibilidad necesaria para afrontar los mayores retos creativos y técnicos.


Scan Services

The dividing line between what is real and its digital clone is increasingly passable. Over the years we have created a host of visual effects with digital doubles, scanned spaces, and 3D objects. For this reason, we make available the experience and methodology developed to perform scanning services for people, spaces and objects. Whether on location or in the studio, we use photogrammetry or lidar techniques to obtain a virtual asset suitable for the most varied functions, whether in a cinematographic visual effect, a video game or a virtual reality experience.

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