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Color correction

Creating a visual style from light and color is an art that needs talent, experience and also a proper environment and great technical knowledge.

Color correction

An image rich in contrast and saturated in color, or muted and dim almost monochrome, a contrast of warm light in a cold environment… Artistic control of light and color are essential tools when it comes to bringing emotion to audiovisual narration.

Creating a visual style from light and color is an art that requires talent, experience and also a suitable environment and great technical knowledge. We are experts in audiovisual and cinematographic color correction techniques.

At Antaviana we know the importance of this and thanks to the continuous exercise for many years of excellence in color correction or color grading, we are one of the reference laboratories in Europe, as evidenced by the national and international productions in which we have participated, or the fact of being the experimentation bench for different technological research projects and the reference room for numerous film festivals.

Color correction

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is one of the great technological contributions of recent years in the audiovisual industry and is an integral part of the ecosystem of UHDTV 1 and 2, along with 4K and 8K, Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and high speed (HFR). Working with HDR implies a technological bet and mastery of specific knowledge and methodology. In Antaviana we have been doing this for years and we continue to train in new tools and methodologies that expand creative capacity and ensure the integrity of color decisions throughout the entire audiovisual post-production chain.

For this reason, at Antaviana we work with the benchmark monitor in the industry: the 4K HDR SONY BVM HX310, a monitor that has established itself around the world for its precision, reliability and robustness. We have also integrated a work methodology based on the ACES color architecture, which describes a color space larger than the spectrum visible to the human eye. Finally, the Dolby Vision certification allows us to work precisely the conversion from HDR to SDR optimizing the color metadata thanks to the sophisticated dynamic algorithm of Dolby Vision.

Our projection room, equipped with a Barco Digital Cinema projector, a Doremi DCP server and a Dolby Cp750 processor ensures a presentation comparable to that of the most demanding film festivals, in which many of the productions we make are presented.

Whether in high dynamic range (HDR) or standard dynamic range (SDR), for television screens, cinema or mobile devices, in 2K, 4K or 8K, in 2D, 3D or Virtual reality, in Antaviana we are ready to ensure that beyond technology, color correction will continue to be an art capable of conveying an artistic vision and exciting audiences.