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We are a team of specialized professionals in audiovisual post-production with a long film and television career and a recognized prestige in the sector. We are passionate about creativity, language, art and technological innovation.


We have accumulated more than 30 years in the post-production sector with national and international projects, award-winning films and festivals, committed documentaries, cult series, IMAX large-format cinema, ambitious ad campaigns, 3D films, virtual reality … but We continue to accumulate experiences and learn every day. We can safely say that challenges attract us, live each project as if it were the first and last at the same time, and contribute our knowledge, experience and creativity.
Our work is fundamentally based on professionalism and trust; It is developed in pre-production, evolves during filming, grows during editing and VFX, is perfected in image and sound post-production, and does not end until the masters and broadcast copies are generated and the DCPs are distributed to the Exhibition rooms. We ensure artistic and technical quality throughout the entire production chain.

We take on each project with enthusiasm and with that desire to create a unique, memorable, quality piece … that leaves its mark on its audience, but also helps to explain ourselves and make sense of what surrounds us.

We like to excite, we like to tell stories, we like to let creativity creep into the montage, sound design, visual effects, color correction … We take care of the details, the people, the experience … That’s why in Antaviana we have gathered the best equipment and the most advanced technology: craft, creativity and technology.

As a team, we have managed to make Antaviana a company certified by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Home, the latest technology required by the large platforms in the audiovisual sector, which places us in the reference center in our country for all film post-production processes and series covering the technological and security standards required by Netflix, Movistar +, HBO and Amazon. In this way we expand the points of diffusion of our projects in cinema, television channels and platforms.

Explain your project to us! We want to be part of your story.