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Editing is a wonderful and mysterious art. Images, words, movement, sound, rhythm, music ... weave a relationship, a structure and a narrative, in a continuous dialogue between mind, body and emotion. The last and final rewrite of the script.


At Antaviana we know that video editing is an essential creative phase that must be developed in a relaxed way in the best of environments and with the most appropriate tools. For professional video editing in Barcelona, ​​we have created large and quiet workspaces that take advantage of natural light. Fascinating moments occur in the editing room, but there are also complex, delicate, intimate, frustrating, inspired and often non-verbal ones. A walk in the garden at the right time; that yes, it is inspiring and comforting.


All our editing and video editing rooms have two work monitors, 4K client monitor, wacom tablet, professional speakers, NEXIS shared storage, accelerated MediaShuttle file sending system, fast internet access, wifi, IT service , air conditioning, etc. environment for individual editing work or in teams of editors and assistants. Independent rooms with efficient, flexible and robust configurations.

Our post-production team will guide you through all methodological issues and provide you with the best solutions based on the experience of hundreds of national and international productions. How can we share files immediately and securely? Can we organize remote editing sessions? And the client, can you virtually attend the session? And how can this codec be integrated into my project? What is the best way to do this process with Avid? And with Adobe Premier? Can we do a visualization in the screening room? How can I process and integrate photochemical material into my production? And this visual effect, will it be very complex to perform?

All of these issues, and many other issues like these, are part of our daily lives throughout the digital editing and post-production processes and we always have the right solution for every production. In fact, we are a multidisciplinary team with post-production supervisors, computer engineers, vfx supervisors, colorists, sound designers, mastering specialists … and we also love what we do. At Antaviana we put all the technology and knowledge of our post-production team at the service of video editing / editing. We dare with any professional audiovisual project to provide our video post-production services.

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