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Digital Laboratory

Generation of final deliveries for cinemas and platforms according to specifications and upload to distribution servers.

Digital Laboratory
        • – Digital Cinema Services:
          Generation of DCP masters and copies for distribution in 2K / 4K/, 2D/3D, Dolby Atmos, encrypted or unencrypted, following DCI standards. Our KDM portal facilitates the request of KDMs for each title and allows us to generate and distribute them quickly and efficiently. We have a phone and e-mail support service to deal with requests and assist with incidents immediately, 7 days a week.

          Generation of local versions (dubbed and subtitled) and trailers from distribution DCPs.

Digital Laboratory
  • – Mastering & deliveries for digital platforms:
    IMF (Interoperable Mastering Format) authoring for digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Movistar, etc. in HD, UHDTV, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Home.

    Creation of masters adapted to the requirements of all OTT platforms and TV channels.

     Secure storage & media processing: secure and highly available storage of digital files. Processing and transcoding of digital files in all formats.
    Quality control: Automated quality control of technical parameters by software, and visual by specialized personnel. Preparation of complete quality control (QC) reports.