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AMMAC and Antaviana VFX lecture Series: discover the keys to editing and post-production

This June, Antaviana VFX & Postproduction is collaborating with the Catalonia Association of Audiovisual Editors (AMMAC) to conduct a series of three training lectures titled "AMMAC à la fresca with Antaviana," led by experts from our team.

Bernat_Aragones_Efeectes visuals _ Efectos visuales AMMC

The first lecture, titled “Visual effects from editing,” will take place on June 6 and will be delivered by Bernat Aragonés, Editor and VFX Supervisor, and winner of the 2024 Gaudí Award for Best Visual Effects. Bernat will discuss the importance of visual effects in the editing process and how they can transform a cinematic story.

On June 13, Marc Dominici, Sandra Filippelli, and Cristina Garmón, Post-production Supervisors and Coordinators with over 15 years of experience, will lead the session “Designing and creating an efficient workflow.” This lecture will focus on how to design and create an efficient workflow for post-production projects, sharing techniques and knowledge acquired over the years.

The third and final lecture, scheduled for June 19, will be “Editing and sound design,” presented by Fernando Novillo, sound designer and winner of the Gaudí Award for Best Sound in 2021 and 2011. Fernando will share his experience in the field of editing and sound design, highlighting its importance in audiovisual storytelling and how it can enhance the viewer’s experience.

These lectures are a unique opportunity for AMMAC members to learn from the experience of top experts and discover new tools and techniques to apply to their projects.

We are thrilled to collaborate with AMMAC on this initiative and hope these sessions will be an enriching opportunity for all participants. Don’t miss these knowledge-packed and experienced-filled lectures!