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My Sextortion Diary

Directed by Patricia Franquesa · 2024 ·


‘My Sextortion Diary’ is a documentary by Patrícia Franquesa, winner of the 2021 DocsBarcelona Public Pitch award, in which Antaviana VFX collaborates by subsidizing an amount in post-production. Produced by Ringo Media and Gadea Films.

At Antaviana, we handled color correction and mastering.


The documentary thriller about how Pati, the film’s director, becomes embroiled in a digital blackmail situation after her computer is stolen. An anonymous hacker gains access to all the data stored on the stolen device and finds three very private photos of Pati. He threatens that if he doesn’t receive $2,400, he will send the photos via mass email to all her work contacts to ruin her professional reputation. The shame, anger, and anguish caused by the inefficiency of legal authorities led Pati to start her own investigation to stop the hacker and regain control and power over her privacy.