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“El ventre del mar” by Agustí Villaronga, “Bisnaga d’Or” award at the Malaga festival

The film by the Mallorcan director, post produced in Antaviana, sweeps the festival with six awards

El Ventre del Mar Agustí Villaronga

We close the twenty-fourth edition of the Malaga festival, which was held from 3 to 13 June, with the success of “El ventre del mar” by Agustí Villaronga, a film that portrays the journey adrift of a wooden raft with 147 people on board. It is a black and white film adaptation and a great visual beauty of a chapter of the novel “Océano mar” by Alessandro Baricco.

From Antaviana we have had the pleasure of working on all the post-production of the film: Color Correction, Sound and Mixing Design, Editing, Digital Laboratory, Title Sequence & Motion. The assembly was carried out by Bernat Aragonès. For Aragonés, one of the challenges posed by “El ventre del mar” was to integrate the different narrative plans of the story. That’s why materials from a wide variety of backgrounds were used: 6K shooting, archive footage, underwater recordings, infrared and ultraviolet photography, visual effects sequences, color, black and white. “El ventre del mar” delves with great beauty and freedom into exploring narrative levels, formats and textures that are slowly settling into a relentless coherent narrative, “explains the editor.

In addition to winning the Bisnaga d’Or, “El ventre del mar” has also been recognized with awards for best direction, screenplay, photography for Josep Maria Civit, music and best actor for Roger Casamajor, adding 6 awards with the first film that Villaronga presents in the contest.

The film, shot in August 2020 in an abandoned factory in Felanitx (Mallorca), began to spread critically acclaimed awards at its international premiere at the Moscow Festival. It is a co-production of Testamento PCT, La Perifèrica Producciones, Filmin, Turkana Films, Link-up Barcelona and Bastera Films.