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Antaviana at the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest

“El ventre del mar” by Agustí Villaronga and “Doctor Portuondo” by Carlo Padial will be at the Mallorca Film Fest from July 26 to August 1


We travel to Palma de Mallorca from July 26th to August 1st to celebrate the Atlàntida film festival. And we do it with the Mallorcan film director Agustí Villaronga and his masterpiece “El ventre del mar”, which has made history at the Malaga Festival, winning the 6 main prizes. This summer, Villaronga’s work is reunited with the island, where it was shot during August 2020. A film that portrays the journey adrift on a wooden raft with 147 people on board. It is a black and white film adaptation and a great visual beauty of a chapter of the novel “Océano mar” by Alessandro Baricco. We have had the pleasure of working on all the post-production of the film: Color Correction, Sound and Mixing Design, Editing, Digital Laboratory, Title Sequence & Motion. The assembly was carried out by Bernat Aragonès.

“Doctor Portuondo” also travels to Mallorca to take one of the great moments of the festival: the world premiere and the first of the first two episodes of the first original series of Filmin. It is an adaptation of the novel by Carlo Padial, which he himself scripts and directs, which we have taken care of the color correction and deliveries.