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Antaviana VFX & Postproduction receives the Gaudí Award for Best Special Effects for “La Contadora de Movies”

In a night of celebration for the Catalan film industry, Bernat Aragonés of Antaviana VFX Postproduction won the Gaudí Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on "La Contadora de Movies", a film directed by Lone Scherfig and written by a team of screenwriters from renowned, including Walter Salles, Rafa Russo and Isabel Coixet.

“The collaboration and dialogue between photography, art and VFX have been key to bringing this story to life” Bernat Aragonés

At Antaviana we are excited about the Gaudí award for Best Visual Effects, in which “the collaboration and dialogue between photography, art and VFX, keys in the creative process, have been essential to give life to this story” comments Bernat. In addition, this award recognizes the work of the entire visual effects team and the commitment we have at Antaviana to excellence and innovation.


Creatura shines with 6 Gaudí Awards

At the gala, several films also won Gaudí Awards in which the post-production, in whole or in part, has been done by Antaviana VFX.

“Creatura”, by Elena Martín Gimeno, in which Antaviana’s partner Cristina Garmón was also nominated for best VFX, won 6 Gaudí Awards, including Best Film. “While it is you, the here and now of Carme Elías” won the award for Best Documentary Film and “Quico Sabaté, sense destí”, the award for best film for television.


Antaviana adds to our career at the Gaudí Awards

The awards of the 16th edition of the Gaudí Awards are not the first in which Antaviana’s work is recognized. Previously, we were awarded the Best Visual Effects award for “La Vampira de Barcelona” in 2021, “Incerta Gloria” in 2018, “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones 3D” in 2013 and “Eskalofrío” in 2009.

Likewise, films such as “The Girls”, “The Daughter of a Thief” and “The Bookstore” by Isabel Coixet, among others, in which the post-production was done in Antaviana, were also awarded in previous editions by the Festival de la Catalan Cinema Academy.


A protest gala

The last Gaudí Awards ceremony not only celebrated Catalan art and cinema, but was also a night marked by the demand for equality and diversity at the hands of the winners, the actress Yolanda Sey and the presenters of the event Ana Polo and Hey Sherman.

At Antaviana we join these demands and highlight the responsibility of the audiovisual sector as a channel for the construction of imaginaries and social transformation.