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Antaviana VFX & Postproduction collaborates with the 10th Edition of the Serielizados Fest

At Antaviana we celebrate the new collaboration with Serielizados Fest, the renowned International Series Festival. As Antaviana VFX, we are filled with satisfaction to be part of this event and to work with emerging talents in the creation of series and web series.

Serielizados Fest

This year, Antaviana VFX will present the Antaviana Award, for video post-production work at our facilities as part of the Series Pilots Showcase. This collaboration is an expression of our commitment to supporting emerging talent in the audiovisual industry.

In addition, we will offer a workshop during the Festival’s Pro Session in Barcelona and Madrid, where our experts, Marc Dominici (Post-production supervisor and film editor at Antaviana Films) and Bernat Aragonès (Film editor and VFX Supervisor), following the case of one of the revelations of the year, the Selftape series, will explore the processes and challenges of post-production.

The Serielizados Fest is known for its previews of national and international series, featured guests, tributes, and live chats. Since 2014, it has established itself as one of the main series festivals in Spain. This year we celebrate the tenth edition, and for Antaviana VFX it is an honor to be present.

We appreciate the trust and look forward to this new stage with Serielizados Fest and the continuation of our collaboration with the industry of series and audiovisual production.