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Antaviana Films ready to work with the main content platforms

As befits its entrepreneurial spirit, Antaviana Films is now fully equipped with the latest technology required to work with Netflix, Movistar +, HBO, etc

Certificació Dolby Atmos Home

At Antaviana Films we are now fully equipped with the necessary technology to work with the great streaming platforms of the audiovisual sector making us a point of reference in the country for all postproduction processes in film and serial content. Antaviana Films complies now with all security and technological standards which Netflix, Movistar +, HBO, etc., require.

Antaviana Films is now DOLBY VISION certified, allowing us to work with the most sophisticated image postproduction tools currently on the market and get excellent colour, brightness and contrast results. Our colour grading room is now equipped with the latest generation 4K HDR Sony HX310; one of the few premises equipped with this kind of monitor in Spain.

As far as sound postproduction goes, Antaviana Films has now a DOLBY ATMOS HOME certified sound studio allowing us to work on sound from full surround sound experiences and emotions, consolidating thus Antaviana Films’s compromise with the most demanding creative needs of today.