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Cuidado con lo que deseas

Directed by Agustín Tapia · 2021 ·


Cuidado con lo que deseas” is a film by Agustin Tapia.

“Cuidado con lo que deseas” has been one of the most watched films on Netflix Mexico and has received an award for the animation of the character made in Antaviana.

Antaviana’s VFX job has been to create an animated character that interacts with the main character. To get to the hellequin character, it went through several phases: First, a 3D scan of an existing doll was made, then the mesh was refined and the textures were retouched. Then rigging and preparation was done to cheer him up. Antaviana sent a team to assist in the filming in Mexico in order to capture all the information necessary for the integration of the doll with the real image. Subsequently, the lighting, rendering and final composition were done.